• Bre'a Belle

What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Beautifully threatening title, right? *insert Freddy Krueger laugh* Kidding. But, I can't create a blog about my thoughts, feelings, and everything that is me without mentioning scary movies. Btw, what's your favorite scary movie? *in my Ghostface voice*. Is it Halloween with Michael Meyers stalking naughty babysitters? Or Friday the 13th with Jason Vorhees and all of his semi-

indestructible glory?

I have both of my dads to thank for this one. I remember the first time I saw a Nightmare on Elm Street. I was 5 and I was totally terrified (the scene with the extending arms scared the shit out of me). Later on down the line when I was 10, I had my first and only Freddy nightmare (my parents kept plastic stapled on a broken window in our room. My toe got caught on a staple while I was sleeping and sliced it right open. In my dream, Freddy had a hold on my right foot and low and behold, I wake up with my right foot in a small puddle of blood, thanks to a loose staple).

It wasn't until I was 16 that I spent my Christmas money on all 8 Nightmare films (thanks Paw Paw Jimmy!) and spent a whole week having a Freddy movie marathon (disregard t shit they tried to pass off as a Nightmare on Elm Street in 2010. That's a whole different rant for another time). 5 years later, I got to meet the man underneath the make up (and it was the most epic moment of my life). My wedding day even marked 28 years since the release of Nightmare 5 (unintentionally, I swear).

I've always loved those God awful slasher movies that everyone hates so much. They're pretty ridiculous after 20 years has flown by, but I find them incredibly interesting and it gives me a distraction. It may sound strange, but they bring me joy. If I could be obsessed with anything in the world, I would choose slasher movies over and over again. They've given me a pretty awesome personality that I'm proud to have.

Within the last 2 years, the Scream movies have really grown on me (mainly Scream 1 and 3 because Scream 2 is absolutely terrible and incredibly irrelevant and Scream 4 has horrible acting). Imagine my surprise when I realized that Billy Loomis turned out to be FP Jones from Riverdale (that dawned on me several months after finishing season 1 of Riverdale).

Getting into movies has always been my favorite thing to do (you should see the list of suggested movies I sent to Shakur) and in my teens it became a way for me to connect with my mom (she says I always have her crying like a baby when I recommend a movie). It's always been so relaxing to dive into the universe within these movies and it's honestly given me an escape on many occasions where I've been on the edge of a breakdown. It makes it even better that I can enjoy them with Draven because of the connection it gave me with my dads.

Hopefully I can keep the love of slasher films going (Draven loves them but we've got a while before we see how Devin reacts to them). It may sound insane, but they honestly make my heart happy.