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Chapter 7: Fix You

Updated: May 7, 2019

Everything was hazy when my eyes fluttered open. I felt like I had just woken up from the

deepest sleep I'd had in years. My head wasn't pounding, I didn't need a cup of black coffee to

keep myself from throwing up, and I knew where I was.

I fondly remembered the events from the night before and everything I said. I meant it. I didn't

know what was happening, but I loved it. Slowly but surely I could see that I wasn't hurting him or putting his feelings at risk like I always thought I would. I was beginning to feel like I didn't know why I stayed away from him for so long and pushed him away. He made me feel warm and weightless on the inside.

I rolled over on my back, carefully making sure his arm was still wrapped around my waist. I

stared up at the ceiling with the biggest grin plastered across my face. If he had been awake, he'd never let me live it down. The playful teasing would only make me smile even more. I felt like I was in heaven.

I quickly realized that I had no idea how to react in a situation like this. I never spent the night

with anyone, not even when Dean and I were together. I always enjoyed my nights alone with

peace and quiet, but I was noticing that Danny was determined to pull me out of my comfort

zone and show me how to be happy in the process.

He began to stir and right as I turned my head to take in the sight of his face and all of it's

features, his eyes slowly opened. His eyes locked with mine and he smiled widely. "Good. I thought it was a dream," he said with a chuckle, pulling me in closer. I turned over on my side to face him. "Any dream with me in it has to be a nightmare. I'm pretty sure people think I'm the antichrist," I said with a shrug. "Nope. An angel yes, but not a fallen one. You've still got your wings. Your halo might be a little crooked, but you're alright to me." I giggled like a school girl and I grew embarrassed. "Thank you for putting up with me," I said softly. We laid there for what

seemed like forever and I didn't want it to end. He inched his face closer to mine and our lips

met. His hand rested gently on my cheek and butterflies were going haywire in my stomach. I felt like I could have stopped the world and melted into him. I followed his movements and ran my fingers from the back of his neck and up into his hair.

"LITTLE BROTHER!!" A voice shouted as the front door flew open. Even through a few rooms, I could tell that it was Jada. "Damn it," he said through gritted teeth. I was as frustrated as he was, but I couldn't hold back the laughter. "Definitely not funny," he said as he climbed out of the bed. "Stay put," he ordered. I fake-saluted him as he got up on his feet and quickly snatched off his

plain black t-shirt he had on last night.

I didn't know what was going on with me, but just the sight of his back muscles was absolutely breathtaking. I'm pretty sure my face was as red as a beet. I couldn't take my eyes off of him even if I tried. He quickly ran his fingers through his hair and rubbed his eyes. "I mean it," he said, pointing his finger at me, "I'll get rid of her in two seconds." He came back over to the bed and gave me a peck on the cheek. Any other time I would have been furious that someone was trying to keep me hidden, but after my first personal impression of Jada, I wasn't going to argue about it. She was a bitch and bitches loved to run their mouths and stir shit up.

"Dressed or not, I'm coming in!" she shouted obnoxiously. Danny waited for her to get close

enough to the door before shoving it open, colliding into her forehead and nose. "Back the fuck up! How'd you get in here?" he said, holding back a smirk. "You bastard! You forgot that I keep a few tricks up my sleeve! Where the hell were you last night!" He stepped out of the room, locking and closing the door behind him. "In my fucking bed. Where else would I be?" he shouted. "My nose better be in one piece, asshole!" she screamed in agony. "Yeah, well maybe you'll keep it the fuck out of other people's business." She groaned loudly. "And I heard through the grapevine that you were all over Sydney Trent last night. Pedophilia isn't a good look for you, Danny Ray," she snapped back at him. I crawled out of bed and eased my way over to the door. I wasn't able to hear much of the conversation as they moved into the next room. My ear was pressed up against the door and I was able to hear everything perfectly again.

"Well, someone should have said something to Ry when he met you. Is that all you came over

here for? To ask me about a dumb ass rumor?" She paused. "Alright, all bullshit aside. I know for a fact that you were there with her. I'm not pissed off and I'm not about to give you a lecture about it. This is me being a mature woman with you about it. Do you really like this girl? Or are you just trying to get your dick wet? You know your brother won't ask you about it, but he'll raise ten kinds of hell if things get ugly." He didn't say anything at first.

My heart was racing. In the back of my mind, I was waiting to tell myself that this was all too

good to be true. "I do. She used to be my best friend and I'm just so tired of being alone," he said calmly. My heart broke into a million pieces. "You and Ryan have each other. You've always had each other, even when I was too young to care about love. But I want to love and be loved by somebody. It's a cold world out here and I'm ready to take a step back from it all."

"I know. I've been waiting for this day. Honestly, I'm glad it's her. The only problem is Dean

Johnson. That motherfucker doesn't have anything to lose and when he catches wind of your fling with his ex, I don't know how he will react." Fuck. Fucking Dean. Always thinking he was the shit when he couldn't even keep a needle out of his arm long enough to function. "It's definitely not a fling," he replied, sounding annoyed.

"Sorry. I guess fling wasn't the right word Ryan would be ready to kill his ass. You and I both

know that," she added. As much as I hated his ass, they wouldn't need to deal with him. I would take the pleasure of hurting him myself. "Ryan can also stay out of my business. I know what I'm doing and I know how to defend myself. I'll do whatever it takes," he said coldly. "Damn. You must really like her," Jada said, sounding a little more cheerful. "I was stupid enough to leave her behind and now it just feels right. Like we were meant to come back to each other. I don't know where we went wrong a year ago, but I regret it. She's damaged, but I don't care."

It felt like my heart stopped, taking my breath away. I felt like I had just been hit by a defibrillator."I give you a hard way to go sometimes. I know that I get on your nerves, but I mean well. Between me and Ryan, I'm the sensible one. You know your brother likes to shoot first and ask questions later." I heard Danny chuckle. " Of course. He's always been like that."

"Well, it was nice chatting with you, but these nails won't do themselves. I need a fill in and they look disgusting," Jada announced. I could hear her gathering her keys and purse. "Take care!" she called loudly as she headed toward the front door.

I ran back over to the bed and quickly crawled under the blankets. I laid on my side, facing the

entrance and squeezed my eyes shut to try to relax as much as possible as the door creaked

open. I couldn't let him think that I had been eavesdropping.

"What the fuck am I going to do?" he said to himself with a sigh. I felt his weight on the edge of the bed. With my eyes squinted, I could see him running his hands through his hair in frustration as he sat with his back to me. He turned his head to look back at me and just like I had hoped, he thought that I was sleeping. "You're more trouble than you're worth, kid." He stood up again and crawled across the bed to tuck the covers up to my chin, making sure that I was comfortable. He walked back to the door and exited the room again.





I didn't think I would drift off to sleep again. I guess when you don't have a million negative thoughts running through your mind, you can fall asleep with ease. I ended up sleeping the entire day away, not rolling over to open my eyes until 3 am.I wasn't expecting to roll over to find him staring at me. I didn't freak out."Welcome back, Sleeping Beauty," he said with a smile painted on his lips. "Damn, I'm hungry," was all I managed to awkwardly blurt out as my head began to spin. He chuckled

“Well, I’m usually not too keen on McDonald’s, but we really don’t have many more options other than that at three in the morning.”

“It’s fine. I’ll eat anything right about now. I knew better than to have gotten drunk on an empty stomach.” Even though I slept like the dead and should have filtered the alcohol out of my system by now, I still felt nauseous and dizzy because my stomach was completely empty.

When we finally made it down the road, I unbuckled my seat belt and grabbed the handle to get out of the car, but before I could open it, Danny was on my side of the car, opening my door for me. “Okay, I must be drunk or dreaming or something.” He laughed, “Of course. You’ve never had a guy open the door for you. That’s West Virginia guys for you,” he commented. “Don’t go downing West Virginia guys. Even when you move here, you become a West Virginia guy.” I swung my legs to get out, careful to make sure that I didn’t become dizzy and lose my balance. Before I could get both feet planted on the ground, his hands were around my waist, lifting me into the air, and then gently sitting me back down on my feet. He closed the car door while I stood in front of him, still in shock, and he grabbed my hand to lead the way. “I’m not downing West Virginia guys, but guys in McDowell must not know how to treat their ladies.“ Pause. “I appreciate it, but I am not your lady Danny Ray,” I said to him quickly with a smirk. I was patiently waiting for him to take the hint that I had heard the conversation he had with Jada. He looked down at me, still holding my hand and we strolled to the counter.

We ended up ordering more fries than the both of us could handle and I was still stuck on the fact that he held my hand for well over twenty minutes and referred to me as his lady. “You look like you have a question bouncing around in your head. Care to share?” he asked with a grin. Oh shit. Was it that obvious? “Yes, it’s obvious,” he said grinning from ear to ear. GET OUT OF MY HEAD. Panic was painted all over my face, but as I stared at him with a drunk mind, I decided to go for it and say whatever I wanted.

So I opened my mouth to let the questions start pouring out. “Why’d you stop calling me?” he said with all jokes aside, “Why’d you ignore my phone calls and texts and emails? Seriously Syd, who the fuck sends emails anymore? Even though I was keeping my distance by leaving, you didn't have to cut off all contact with me." Oh no.

“Danny, I don’t understa—“I was cut off with him adding, “I don’t want to hear that bullshit Sydney. With the situation that you were in, I was there for you to care about you and try to take you away from all of that. I knew you were going to ask me why I left and that’s because I would have been locked the fuck up from killing that bastard you called a boyfriend. Do you not realize that I was the one that got the phone call every time you two were in Reggie's yard fighting? The night you whooped his ass in seven inch heels? If my tank hadn’t have been on E, I would have made a trip that night and you would have been burying his ass and crying over his casket the following weekend,” he snapped at me. At this point I couldn’t remember who had been drinking and who was sober. “You do understand. You won’t let anybody care about you. I’m not the type of person to just hang around and wait to be the rebound or just be a guy friend. I want you and while you’re acting like you don’t want me back with all of that attitude, I had it already set in my mind that you’re not getting away from me this time.”

This rollercoaster had my head spinning. One minute he was fine with giving me my space to get my feelings together and now he was lashing out because he thought I wasn't taking any of this seriously.

“Can we not talk about this here?” I begged him, growing more and more nervous. I couldn’t stand the fact that we were sitting in a public place discussing something so personal. I was terrified by the thought of someone overhearing our conversation, or just listening in to see what kind of gossip they could get their hands on. “Then where? I can change the subject and we can sit here all night.”

Again, he didn’t mention wanting to take me back to his place and I was growing more and more offended. “I don’t know, but a subject change would be nice,” I said looking down at the table. “I’m sorry. It’s hard to keep things like that bottled up. Maybe if I hadn’t kept everything hidden things would be a lot different.” His expression grew softer. I couldn’t believe that we were having this

conversation. I had never realized that Danny cared so much. He had always been at every party, watching over me protectively. He even stood around in the school parking lot a few times last year just to make sure I had a ride home and wouldn’t be stuck up on that mountain. More than a few times I saw a serious look of envy whenever my ex-boyfriend would come to Reggie’s and hang out with all of us. “It really went right over my head, all the signs that you liked me,” I said to him quietly. “Well I’m going to put it directly in front of you right now. I care about you. If nobody else does, I do. I didn’t bring you here to bark at you about any of the decisions that you made while I was here or when I was gone. I brought you here to start over.” His words warmed my heart and the tough exterior that I had worked so hard to build in the last few months was now shattering before my very eyes.

I felt giddy and excited on the inside, which was rare because around this time every night I was already blacked out. “You seem surprised,” he said, stroking my hand lightly with his thumb. “I am. For starters, this is usually the time that I black out and secondly, it’s blowing my mind that

someone actually cares for me so deeply. It’s difficult to process.” He raised one of his eyebrows and looked like he was pondering another question. “Why have you been drinking so much? I don’t remember this Sydney Trent from last year?” I snickered. “You say that like I’m an alien that took over the old Sydney Trent. I drink to forget. My therapist said that lots of people do it when they’ve

had a traumatic event in their life. I mean really, look at who I was with. Wouldn’t you want to forget too?” I scoffed. He smiled at me and I could tell that he wasn’t still stuck on what should have been. “I know. I know he didn’t know how to love you, or make you feel like a woman,” he added. Whoa. This was an extremely bipolar conversation and strangely I liked where this was going. “And you think you can?” I asked coyly. “I know I can,” he said with a wink.

Everything happened so quickly and before I could even blink my eyes or catch my breath, I was laying on his bed with my shorts being whisked down and over my feet. His warm skin was pressed against my warm skin, my hands were tangled in his hair, and our lips were intertwined with each

other. “Danny, don’t think this is because I’ve been drinking,” I panted as he moved his lips down to my neck. “Sydney, I’ve seen you at your drunkest. Trust me, I know this is not because you are drunk.”

Everything felt like it was in high gear. We kissed and tangled our bodies together furiously. I had never been kissed or touched with so much passion. Every single place on my body that he touched

was covered in goosebumps. He moved his lips down my body and rested them between my boobs.

“Condoms,” he murmured. "What?” I asked sitting up a little as he moved his lips further down my body and resting on my belly. “Condoms. Do you have any?” he asked sounding a little frustrated. He couldn’t be serious right now. “No, I don’t have a dick! Why would I have any?” I snapped at

him. He pulled himself up on his knees in front of me. Great. I had definitely killed the moment.

Maybe it did some good. First we were sitting in a cold restaurant at three in the morning and now I was sitting in his bed in nothing but my panties with him sitting between my legs. “I’m well aware that you don’t have a dick, but now what are we supposed to do about mine?” he groaned. I glanced

down and I could tell how difficult this was for him. I took in the rest of his features as well. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't even notice that I had skillfully decorated his neck with about two or three hickies. “Don’t be so proud of yourself. I marked my territory too,” he said,

pointing down to my legs and belly. Deep red spots made their way from the insides of my thighs on up to my hip bones. “How in the hell did you make it down there?” I honestly hadn’t been paying any attention. It all felt good to me. “You can forget without drinking. There are other ways to make you forget about the things you don’t like.” He did have a point. I had never felt so much

passion and Danny had plenty of it to offer. It was still very difficult for me to believe that it took him so long to bring sex into the conversation. “I’m still confused by why you think that I had any condoms with me. Isn’t that a job for the guy?” I asked. He laughed and shook his head. “Believe it or not, some girls actually take responsibility for that kind of stuff. If I would have known, I would

have been prepared. And no, I didn’t plan on fucking you tonight before I went to the party.” Thinking about the context of our last text messages we sent to each other made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

He climbed up into the bed and rested his head on the pillow beside me. It was comforting to hear that. He must really care about me. Even while being slightly intoxicated and sprawled out in his bed with my boobs exposed, he wasn’t trying to take advantage of me. What is this? He had come in and fucked my whole world up with his behavior.

I curled up beside him and stared at his face, taking in the sight of those beautiful gray eyes that wandered around the room. He caught me looking at him and he smiled. I could tell that he wanted exactly what I was wanting right about now, so I had no choice but to tempt him and make it a little harder for him to resist. “Well, what exactly did you plan on doing then?” I asked, moving a little closer to him. In a swift motion, he was on top of me with his hands pinning my arms up above my head and he stared deep into my eyes. “I didn’t plan on fucking you. I planned on making love to you.” I was holding my breath when he said that and my heart was racing. Goosebumps sprang up all over my body. He tilted his head down to kiss me and rested his body against mine, making me feel how serious his erection had become. Again, there was that same passion that had been driving me crazy all night.

I pulled my legs up to wrap them around his body, but before I could even get the chance to at least dry hump him, he broke our kiss and let my hands go. He brushed his hands down my thighs, resting on my calves, and unwrapped my legs from around him. Disappointment set in and it was scary how badly I wanted this. “You’re driving me crazy. You know that right?” he asked, nervously scratching the back of his head, looking away from me. “The feeling is mutual. Why’d you do that?” I growled at him. “For starters, I brought you home from a party and you were borderline drunk, trust me, I know when you’re all the way drunk. I don’t get down like

that. If I would do it to you when you were drunk, then what kind of a man am I? Secondly, I’d at least like a date or something before any of that. This is the first time we've talked to each other in a year. Now, what if we had sex after not talking to each other and you ended up pregnant? I’d be stuck to you like glue just for the simple fact that I couldn’t risk losing you. I know you Sydney Trent, probably better than you know yourself, and you try so hard to be a loner. If that happened, I couldn’t live without you. My baby carrying my baby.”

It was thrilling to hear those words flow from his lips and rush through my ears. I had never seen this side of Danny before. I was so caught up in the other irrelevant things happening in my life that I didn’t need that I was ignoring what I had directly in front of me. “So, what you’re saying is that you’re not giving up on me?” I asked quietly. “Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying. I’m not

giving up on you this time. I don’t know what brought all of this up so suddenly, but I hated every moment of you being the person that you were last year. I could have saved you from all of that, but I didn’t. I want you to be mine if you want me to be yours.” Tears broke free from my eyes and stained my cheeks. I wanted so badly to throw my arms around him and hug him as tight as I could, but I already felt stupid for crying. “It’s okay to cry,” he said laughing and brushing his thumbs over my cheeks to catch the tears. “You don’t have to give me an answer about things right away. You’re young and just starting the summer before your senior year. I don’t want to put any more pressure on you than you already have. I just want you to think about it. Just think about us being settled down and serious.”

He pulled up the blankets and pushed my body back onto the bed. “But I will give you a little more to think about,” he said winking at me before disappearing under the blanket.

Oh shit.

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