• Bre'A Belle

Chapter 8: Almost Lover

"What the hell is your problem?!" Andy shouted. The music had stopped and the lights were on above us. The two of them stood only a few feet away from each other and I was beginning to panic. Alex stood there nonchalantly with his hands in his pockets. He wore a cocky smirk on his face to signal that shit was about to get real if Andy tried to challenge him. "Don't even try to be brave. Take your ass back up the road and let that be the end of it," Alex said calmly. He always approached a confrontation calmly and that only meant that once he got started, there was no calming him down and getting him to stop. You'd have to blow his fucking brains out to get him to stop before he was ready. He wasn't even dressed like he only came to enjoy the party. He was simply there to keep an eye on me until he couldn't handle it anymore.

"I'm not going any fucking where! Who the fuck do you think you are?!" Andy continued to shout. Ashe and Brina were at my side, helping me up from the floor. I was silently praying that Alex would walk away and show him a little mercy. It wasn't likely that he was going to make it that easy, but I remained hopeful. "He's going to fucking kill him," Brina said nervously. The two of them cowered behind me. They knew that he was just as ruthless as I did. Andy was nowhere near the type of guy Alex was. Alex always treated me like I was his property and Andy was always trying to protect me. This was a recipe for disaster and once again, I was left feeling like I should have just left him behind tonight.

"You're a bold motherfucker," Alex said. He stood there like a snake waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and I could feel the tension grow thicker. "Why don't you just leave?" Andy growled. He moved in closer to him with their chests almost touching. Alex simply chuckled again. "Keep talking," he said with the expression on his face becoming more serious. "Just keep your goddamn hands off of my girl," Andy spat, getting closer to him.

That was the straw that broke the camels back. The room was filled with gasps and once again, people had their phones out ready to film any type of action.

Alex pulled his hands out of his pocket, pulling his Glock 19 that I was all too familiar to my eyes. Screams and even more gasps erupted from the spectators in the room. Things were always messy when he pulled that damn thing out. He loved it the most and it was his very first handgun, given to him by a long time associate. He only brought it out when he intended to blow off someone's kneecaps. "Oh my God," I groaned. I wanted to jump between them to keep Andy from having to stare down the barrel of the gun, but I wanted to keep my eyes on Alex and study his body language. His body language usually told me everything I needed to know in a situation like this. I was always able to determine if he was bluffing or not.

Andy didn't flinch. He never even faltered. I could see Alex tense up as he studied Andy's reaction to guide the rest of the confrontation. Alex raised the gun, turning it to the side to show that he wasn't afraid to pull the trigger. "You're lucky that I don't kill your ass right here," Alex threatened. That was all I needed to hear to make me dive between them. Things were about to go horribly wrong and I knew that I couldn't bare to watch. "Alex, put the gun down," I said calmly. I could never place my finger on it, but something in his mind was totally fucked up and he had no impulse control at all when he got angry. It seemed like he was possessed.

"Fuck you. I'm out," Andy said, turning on his heels and Alex was prepared to go after him. "Turn the fuck around and look at me when I'm talking to you!" Alex barked. I could see the evil brewing in his eyes and if he went off the deep end, all of our chances of survival would be slim. "Alex, put the gun down!" I screamed. My feet were stuck to the floor and seeing him clench the gun tighter left me feeling like I was running out of options to diffuse the situation. Alex walked with a fast pace, still holding the gun and aiming for a point blank shot. Everyone began to follow them out the doors except for me. Their sweaty bodies all brushed past me anxiously to get a good view of the dramatics between Andy and Alex and I was getting tossed around by the current. That really made me panic even more. There was no way in hell that Alex was going to let him survive without me there to stand in the way. I had gotten fed up with being jolted around like a rag doll and I decided to use all of my strength to shove those assholes out of my way. Andy's life was depending on it for fuck sake.

My heart was racing and just the thought of Andy getting hurt because of me was beginning to eat me alive. I wouldn't be able to live with myself and I knew that I was running out of time. I didn't feel like I tried hard enough to stop the confrontation. I knew what Alex was capable of and I didn't do anything to stop him before he really got fired up enough to pull out a weapon. I knew that he never left home without it and he was always prepared to pull it out at every party I went to just in case he didn't like what he saw. I didn't even warn Andy who had already confessed that he felt uncomfortable and this wasn't his scene.

Tears were burning my eyes and I huffed, trying to catch my breath. Finally, I had made it to the front of the crowd where the cool air of the night smacked me in the face and allowed me to breathe a little easier. I could hear the echo of their voices bouncing off of all the abandoned buildings surrounding us. I felt a little bit relieved that I was close to saving Andy's ass. A tall guy stood in my line of sight and with my heart bursting into a sprint once again, I reared my elbow back and jabbed it into the center of his back. "Fucking bitch!" the guy said as he turned around to look down at me. I didn't recognize him, but his facial expression showed that witnessing the mess between Andy and Alex had him shook. "Do you want to be next motherfucker?!" I snapped, placing my hands on my hips like a little kid that was trying to look tough. His eyes grew wide and without a word, he moved over to let me through.

I ran into the middle of the road, not giving a shit if a car were to come flying down the road and hit me. I could see the two of them still shouting at each other with Andy standing closer to his car and Alex still aiming the gun at Andy's face. "Fuck!" I said to myself. I had to think fast because their voices were growing louder and louder and I didn't know how much more Alex was going to continue before he started setting off rounds. That was when the light bulb went off in my head. I knew what Alex's weakness was and the very thought of it often made me cringe and feel disgusting. It was my way of being able to totally controlling him and it drove him absolutely during those rare moments when that's what I wanted to resort to.

I stepped closer slowly, preparing myself for the role of a lifetime. I placed both of my arms behind my back as I began to take a more seductive stride toward the two of them. They turned their heads and looked at me with their hate for each other written all over their faces. "You did this! You know what this does to me and you thought it was a game!" Alex said as he attempted to taunt me. I continued with my theatrics, keeping a poker face to keep him from noticing that I was freaking the fuck out. "You know better," he said as he looked from me to Andy and from Andy to me.

I took a deep breath, swallowing the growing lump in my throat. I tilted my head and looked up at him from underneath my eyelashes and I proceeded to bat them. He always had a hard time resisting my puppy dog eyes. "I know," I said in a more calm and softer tone. "I was the one that misbehaved," I said and then paused with my entire body beginning to shake nervously, "you don't have to hurt him, Daddy. I've been a bad girl," I said as I struggled to grab his attention without him noticing and catching onto what I was doing.

I couldn't stand the sight of Andy's face right now. i knew that he was probably mortified and was probably judging me. I couldn't handle anyone else judging me, especially him right now. I had to focus on keeping Alex's attention on me so Andy could get the hell out of here alive and I was hoping that he would get the goddamn memo. "Let's go and forget that this ever happened," I said calmly when Alex's eyes were locked with mine. He stared at me blankly like he was a robot that I had total control over and any other time, I would have been eating up every single moment of it. It may have always seemed like he had the hold on me, but I was finally beginning to see that it was the other way around. I could get away from him if I wanted to but when he tried to stay away from me, it was obvious that it drove him fucking crazy.

"I can't fucking believe you!" Andy yelled. My heart dropped. I thought that I had gotten him out of the woods and I didn't know if that would set him off again. He kept his eyes on me, tucking the gun back into his waistband. "You two fucking deserve each other!" he shouted as he climbed into his car. Luckily, it didn't phase Alex. He continued walking toward me as Andy furiously fumbled with his keys to put them into the ignition. He was being an asshole right now and I knew that I was going to have to deal with it later. I had to choose my battles and right now could have potentially been a life or death situation. Alex was coming toward me with his arms stretched out and any other time I would have been relieved to finally feel his arms wrapped around me again. Now, I was thinking that he was probably a fucking sociopath that had just had a complete temper tantrum because he couldn't have what he wanted.

I allowed him to pull my body into his, burying my face in his chest. I finally heard the sound of Andy's tires squealing against the pavement and continued to hold onto Alex until I could hear the sound of the engine in the distance. I wanted to cuss his stupid ass up one side and down the other and it was taking everything in me not to cause another scene. I honestly had no reason to care or want to be private anymore. Everyone saw for themselves that we had something going on and in their minds, they probably thought that he was even more of a sick and twisted pedophile. I couldn't stand the sight of his face, his touch, or his presence for that matter.

I felt his hand move and rest on the back of my neck. "Let's go home, baby," he said gently. I should have felt accomplished. I had conquered the beast, something I wasn't able to do very often, but I just felt dirty instead. I wanted to peal my own skin off just because he had touched me. "We can act like nothing ever happened and I'll be good," he cooed. With all of my strength, I used my arms to shove him away from me. "I'm not going anywhere with you!" I shouted. I had never been this mad at him before and even when I was mad, I couldn't stay that way for long. "Stop playing," he said, obviously ignoring how serious I was being. "I'm not! Go the fuck away!" I shouted in almost a shriek. The crowd behind us was enjoying part two of the show they had witnessed earlier and I had honestly run out of fucks to give at this point.

The two of us stood there with me wanting to rip his throat out. There were no words left for me to say to him. I was angry because of the fact that he was still trying to go out, doing whatever he wanted and still control me and I was heartbroken because I knew that Andy wasn't even going to think about me anymore. Alex had truly ruined my happiness and I was finally sick of it. I wasn't going to keep being the toy that he played with only when he felt like it and threw a fit when he saw someone else wanting to take a turn. I came to the conclusion that as long as he was around, I was never going to be happy and be with someone that was good to me and for me. I had lost the only other person I ever thought I could love and Alex was the one to blame for it. I huffed, realizing that I was beginning to sound and look ridiculous. I was even beginning to get embarrassed by the thoughts running through my mind even though no one else could hear them. I knew that they were all gawking at me, collecting more information to toss around in the halls on Monday morning. With that single thought, I turned on my heals and prepared myself for the long walk home underneath the buzzing orange street lights.

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