• Bre'A Belle

Chapter 3: Company

"I like Andy. He's nice and he's not a criminal trying to become a drug lord," Ashe said whimsically with sarcasm. Would Ashe really be Ashe if she wasn't throwing shade at Alex? Hell fucking no. I rolled my eyes at her comment. "He's definitely boyfriend material," Brina added. I had been stretched out on my bed, scrolling through my messages with my phone right above my face. Still nothing from Alex. I had made it through the emotional pouty stage, struggled through the anger stage, and I was now at the point where I could give up and cut him off completely and I would probably be totally fine with that.

My head pulled away from the screen, turning to look at Brina like she had sprouted a second head. It took me a few minutes to come back to reality to realize what she said. "Who said anything about boyfriend material?" I asked, raising one eyebrow. "Come the fuck on. We're fifteen and you're fucking a grown man," Ashe snapped. "He's using you as his puppet. He has you stuffing pills in your pussy just to walk around like everything is okay and you think he gives a shit about you?" Brina spat at me. I shot up, swinging my legs around, totally prepared to argue with them.

"First of all, that only happened once," I lied, holding my finger up. "Second, he does. He has a shitty way of showing it, but he does. I've been there for him since day one." Brina sat back, crossing her arms over her chest and Ashe simply rolled her eyes. "Meaning that you've been easy to manipulate since day one," Ashe added. I was getting frustrated with them. They were my friends, but of course they didn't understand. "I swear, you two don't want to see me be happy, do you?" I asked, challenging them. "We do!" they shouted in unison. "We want nothing more than to see you be happy, but not when you're being used and playing with your freedom. We've been best friends for as long as I can remember and it's been sad to sit back and watch you deal with a piece of shit. Use your fucking brain for once!" Brina shouted. "He disappears and specifically tells you not to call or text him and he refuses to take you with him. He fucks you and occasionally throws money your way just to keep you where he wants you. That's not love. He doesn't love you, Angel. Why don't you forget about him and give someone else a chance? That's all we want."

"You're being an idiot and we want you to get on the right path before something happens that you're gonna regret," Ashe added. Sometimes I didn't know which one of them was more harsh and neither one of them had a filter. Any other time I would have been ready to break their fucking necks, but it meant a lot that they were concerned about me and now that Alex wasn't here to cloud my judgement, I could actually see what they were talking about.

Right on cue, my phone vibrated on the bed.

Andy: Making any moves tonight?

Ashe and Brina stared at me as I looked down at my phone. They were probably expecting me to jump up and down like a kid in a candy store because Alex was back in town and I would be sending them on their way just like the last time and the time before that. I was surprised to get a text from Andy and I knew that they'd be even more surprised.

I smiled as I dug around in my brain to figure out how to respond.

Brina stood up, walking over to tower over me and get a good look at my text. I glanced up at her and saw her eyes bug out of her head.

"Holy fucking shit. Someone besides Alex made you smile like an idiot!" she shouted cheerfully. "No fucking way!" Ashe yelled, shooting up from the floor. The three of us huddled over my phone and for the first time ever, things felt like they were how they should be. Just three regular, hormonal teenage girls worried about regular hormonal teenage boys. For the first time, I was beginning to see how toxic my relationship with Alex was and what it was doing to my friendship with Ashe and Brina. They only wanted what was best for me.

Me: Just hanging out with Brina and Ashe. But I can change that..

Andy: You sure? I know how tight ya'll are.

Me: They won't mind. They were just leaving.

"Bitch, I guess that's our cue," Brina said with a smile painted across her face. "Yep. Don't want to cock block you. Let us know what happens!" Ashe said, nearly jumping out of her skin. "Chill the fuck out. If anything, I'm just going to blow off some frustration. It's been a while," I said with a shrug. "That's important too, but don't be a cold-hearted bitch about it. Try something new and actually make him feel important. You would want him to do the same thing," Brina added as the two of them stood in my doorway, preparing to leave. "Alright!" I snapped, waving my hand for them to get out of my sight.





Let's just say that I wasn't a girl that liked to waste any time and I always knew what I wanted and I always wanted to feel good. Alex had gone ghost for almost three weeks now and as soon as I got an, "I'm outside," text from Andy, I immediately gave up all hope and went outside to claim something much better.

I didn't even care that I was straddling him on the concrete stairs leading up to my house with nothing on but my panties and my favorite night shirt hitched up around my hips. My fingers were knotted in his hair and our lips collided furiously with one another, not even caring if we stopped to breathe. I felt like I hadn't been touched in years and at this point, I didn't give a single fuck about Alex and his double standards. He was probably smoking a blunt right now with the head of some whore buried between his legs, only this time I didn't care. I was getting what I needed. It felt pretty fucking great and I was almost certain that I wasn't even going to look in his direction whenever he decided to show his face again.

Andy firmly planted both of his hands on my hips, playing with the brim of my t-shirt like he was fighting the urge to whisk it over my head simply because we were outside and in the open where anyone could drive by and see us. Just the thought of him fighting to control himself caused me to grind against the bulge growing in his sweat pants.

"Fuck, this is hot," he said breathlessly as he pulled back to stare at my face. "I know, right?" I chuckled before diving back into his neck. A few groans escaped from his mouth as I tried my best to decorate his neck with hickies, still grinding into him. I always thought my days of dry humping were long behind me, but it still had the ability to make me shiver, desperately wanting more.

"Do you want to slow down?" he asked. I pulled back and stared into his eyes. I was shocked to see that he was genuinely concerned about me being comfortable. He was a bit nervous when I initially saw him tonight. I couldn't believe that he didn't even want to hug me without my permission. I really had to admit that he had taken me by surprise and not by what was growing in his pants.

"No, just shut up and kiss me," I said, diving back on his lips once more. For some reason or another, I had lost all attraction towards boys my age. There was just something about what an older guy had to offer that made my imagination go crazy. Alex had his own money, his own house, his own car, and technically his own job. For the most part, he always gave me everything I wanted or what he thought I wanted. Andy was just in the same grade as me and I didn't really know much more than that. I was learning that he was bomb ass kisser and I was curious to find out what he was holding back in his pants.

I could hear him gasping when I moved my lips back to his neck and that only excited me even more. "Shit," I heard him whisper, feeling him twitch underneath me. I sure as hell hoped that he wasn't about to get off just because I was grinding on him. I didn't slow down or pause, I was behaving like a fucking animal and part of me hated Alex for making me this way. Deep down, I knew that if I ended up hooking up with him, it would only be to get back at Alex and I didn't want to be a spiteful bitch. Spiteful bitches got the worst karma.

"Oh God," I heard him whisper. I finally pulled back, seeing the frustration all over his face. I took a second to take a look at him and see how cute he really was. He was just the typical brown eyed, blonde haired white guy. A little dorky for my type, but he was definitely cute and someone that I could bring home just to make my parents shut the fuck up. He wasn't as muscular as I would have preferred, but his build was decent. He towered over me of course, but he had the perfect waist for me to wrap my arms around and bury my face in his chest. I was tiny and sometimes that's what drove most guys crazy. I was probably going to be five feet tall for the rest of my life if I didn't start shrinking like most of the women in my family did when they got a certain age.

He took a few minutes to catch his breath while I wasn't kissing him. "What's wrong?" I huffed, placing my hands on my hips. The expression on his face remained the same. He adjusted himself underneath me as he continued to pant. "I'm sorry," he said breathlessly. "I guess I got a little too excited. You're just so beautiful and I never thought that you would even think of looking in my direction," he said with a small chuckle like he was embarrassed. My cheeks immediately felt like they had been set on fire. It was a relief to find out that he didn't think I was a stone cold bitch like a lot of other people thought. "Don't be sorry. I guess it is a little frustrating when you're making out with someone that's already half naked," I said with a smile, gesturing to the small amount of clothing that I was wearing and taking a few minutes to calm myself down. "That's not the issue," he said, reaching up to nervously scratch the back of his head.

"I didn't know there was an issue," I replied. Now my heart was racing and I totally expected him to blurt out that he knew that I had something going on with Alex. A lot of people knew. Some guys wouldn't dare to step to me because they didn't want to fuck with him. "I'm a little embarrassed actually," he said slowly. His face and neck were turning red and he was definitely hiding something. "You can tell me. I mean, we just spent thirty minutes dry humping each other."

He paused, pressing his lips together and I anxiously waited to hear what he had to say. "Well?" I asked, leaning closer. He remained silent. I decided to be bold. I seductively ran my hand down his chest, leaning in closer so my lips were right by his ear. He shivered at my touch. "I can keep a secret," I whispered, flicking his ear with my tongue. I continued to make my way down his body, my hand diving into the waistband of his sweats. Before he could jump up and shove me off of him, my hand was wrapped around the growing flesh that had been hidden under his layers of clothes.

With a yelp, he jumped, throwing his arms around my waist. The movement caused me to make a single stroke and he reacted with a shiver and a long drawn out moan. I froze for a second. This behavior was all too familiar. It hadn't been too long since I was jumpy and nervous about doing the unthinkable.

He flinched and quivered again, this time, shoving me off of his lap. I could see his heart pounding just from staring at the vein distended one his neck. "Fuck, Angel! I'm a virgin!" he blurted out.

No. Fucking. Way.

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