• Bre'A Belle

Chapter 16: What Goes Around Comes Around

"I'm getting real fucking tired of you just showing up in the middle of the night when you feel like it," I growled. "If you'd answer your fucking phone, then we wouldn't have this problem," he spat back. Just like every other time, I hated to even see his face. That grin that he was wearing made me want to bash his brains in with a brick."If you kept your dick in your pants, then we wouldn't have this problem either!" I shouted not caring that it was the middle of the night and entirely too late for us to have a full blown screaming match. We could have killed each other right now. I was so sick of the shit he'd been putting me through that I was ready to make him swallow his teeth. "You're a terrible fucking person and I'm done!"

I was shaking because I was so mad and it made me feel like my entire body was on vibrate. "I've been loving and loyal to your ass for so fucking long and this is the thanks that I get," I said with my voice cracking. I could easily see that my words meant nothing to him and shedding tears would be downright shameful. I had given him literally everything I had and it still wasn't enough. He still had to hop on anything in town with a hole. I didn't know what else to do besides walk away and carry on with my life.

"You know how I am," he said like his infidelity was all my fault. "That's not a fucking excuse!" I snapped. He was finally showing remorse. He stood motionless in the dark like a dog with his tail tucked between his legs. He was definitely a dog. A big stupid dog that just couldn't keep from humping every leg he saw. "We've been fucking each other for years and you never had a problem with the way things were until now!" My jaw dropped like I had just been slapped in the face. He leaned against the hood of his truck with the glow of the orange street lights above us giving me a more clear view of the smug look he had on his face. I was appreciating the fact that he'd caught me in the empty lot across from the old playground instead of on my front porch like he did before. As mad as I was, I would have put money on our argument turning into a fist fight.

"You have a whole girlfriend! I can't even have decent sex with someone without you pulling out a fucking gun!" I felt ten times smaller every time he chuckled. "I don't have a girlfriend," he said putting up one finger, "and it will stay that way. Even if I do have to send a few of them to the morgue just so you'll know that I mean what the fuck I say. That will never change. You knew what you signed up for when you met me. Don't act so surprised now." His words continued to feel like insults, just like they were probably meant to sound. He was practically mocking me to get my feathers ruffled. He always thrived off of my reactions and loved to treat me like a child that was beneath him. All he wanted was for me to throw a temper tantrum like a child just for his own personal entertainment. "You're insane! Playing with someone's emotions makes you sick and fucked up in the head! You're fucking sick!" His laughter continued to taunt me and I was losing control of my emotions. They left me feeling overwhelmed and my entire world and my surroundings were spiraling out of control.

"You always exaggerate. All of this isn't as difficult and as complicated as you make it seem. Don't get your fucking panties in a knot," he said being even more of a smart ass. That's when the little light bulb inside my head went off and I vaguely remembered the events from earlier. I most importantly remembered using my panties as a slingshot but I didn't recall the moment when or if I put them back on. Without Alex noticing, I shifted my weight from one foot to the other which allowed me to feel the material of my leggings graze the bare skin of my vag that confirmed that I'd left them behind. My mind was stirring the pot. His possessive behavior and love for my reactions was about to hit him with an overdose of karma and I would surely have the last laugh.

"I'm not even wearing any panties right now," I said with a dramatic huff as I placed my hands on my hips. He snapped out of his own little world of trying to taunt me. I grew prouder and prouder as his expression changed to a look like all hell was about to break loose. "And why the hell not?" he asked, clenching his jaw and fists. I had him right where I wanted him."Well, when I left the house, I was wearing them. They could be hanging out in someone's backseat," I said trying to sound dumb and clueless like he wanted me to be. "You mean to tell me that you fucked somebody tonight? Don't lie to me. You fucking know better," he said with his jealousy getting more intense. He was fuming and the shoe was finally on the other foot.

"You don't worry your pretty little head about that. Just know that it was good," I started. I felt like a spider that was about to spin a web around it's prey right before they go in for the kill. I was going to go as far as I possibly could to make him feel everything that I'd felt. "Good enough to make me scream and cum harder than I have in my life. He really knew how to take care of me. He couldn't have pulled out if he wanted to." Discretely describing the encounter between Dorian and I was the perfect bait. "And you can bet your ass that I did my best. I showed the fuck out and he loved every minute of it," I teased, rubbing it in his face even more. "You're proud of the fact that you went out to be a whore?!" he barked. I couldn't stop. Now I knew why he loved pissing me off so much just to see my reaction. It was like he was my little puppet and I was controlling every move that he made, "And I was a good one. I didn't even think that I was going to be able to walk when we were done," I said in a much more sultry tone.

I couldn't ignore how sexy he looked when he got jealous. Especially at a time like this. In the past I would have thought that he was just being childish, but now that I had the balls to feed everything right back to him, seeing his frustration was turning me on. He may not have wanted to be in a committed relationship with me, but it was always obvious how he felt about my body specifically.

"You just don't know how good it felt when he busted inside me." That must have been the straw that broke the camel's back. He looked up at me with wide eyes and a blank expression. Game over, I said to myself. "This is a fucking game to you," he said sternly. He started taking steps toward me. "You get dressed up and go out, ignoring my phone calls just to let another nigga cum inside you like a filthy bitch! You've lost your goddamn mind!" he shouted.

I should have quit while I was ahead, but he looked too damn good when he was this angry. The cold expression he wore should have scared me off, but I was eager to see where things were headed.

"Karma's a bitch," I said with a calm shrug. All of this had given me more confidence than I'd had in the last several years all because of him. I finally felt strong enough to control my own emotions for once. I even felt like I was being a little sadistic. He huffed as we walked toward each other. "I'm over you," I threw at him.

My brain was busy trying to come up with another response. I didn't even get a chance to part my lips again when the rough skin on his hand grasped my neck firmly. I let out a small scream before his hand started to apply pressure to my windpipe. I panicked on the inside because he'd burst the little bubble that I was having so much fun in. It felt like he was knocking me back down to be even smaller than I was before. I was thinking that he'd finally snapped and I was no longer protected. Now he was going to treat me just like he treated everyone else that wasn't loyal to him anymore.

Alex had never even given me the slightest feeling that he was going to put his hands on me. I couldn't even make an attempt to struggle. He spun me around to press my back against the hood of his truck. "Don't you dare! Don't you fucking dare!" he growled, shaking my body a little as his grip got tighter. "Not so fun when the tables turn," I said with a smirk. My fear was gone. Realizing that he wasn't going to choke me out like I was just some other bitch and leave me to die allowed me to pick up on the fact that he was refusing to let me leave him for good. The moment we were having was toxic as fuck, but I loved every minute of it. I was silently wishing that his hand was pressing all the right places on my neck to make this pleasurable. I knew exactly what he was doing. This fight was turning him on just as much as it had turned me on. The game was about to get better and I was ready for it.

"Is this what you want?" he asked in a deep tone that made my spine tingle. He released my neck to scoop me up to hitch my legs around his waist. He supported my weight with one hand and knotted his other hand in my hair. His mouth attacked my neck, causing me to release a long and satisfying moan involuntarily. It was everything I needed and I wanted more. "You weren't around to take care of me. What did you expect?" I said as I tried to catch my breath and sound at least a little bit serious. He snatched his hand from underneath me and I was almost sure that I was going to bust my ass on the ground.

I landed on the hood, knocking the breath from my body. "All you wanted was for someone to fuck you and you just couldn't be patient and wait," he muttered. He pressed his hand against the center of my chest and with a gentle push, he forced me to lay back. I felt his fingers hook the waistband of my leggings. I felt victorious on the inside and I would have loved to gaze at the stars that decorated the black sky with the man that I loved filling me with euphoria, but I didn't want to give in too easily.

I quickly slid down, landing carefully on my feet as I prepared to pull my leggings back up and sashay away. I really wanted to leave him with his dick in his hand, not even getting the chance to put in just the tip. "I missed you so fucking much," he babbled with my face smashed between his hands as he attempted to kiss me. His lips grazed the corner of my mouth as I struggled to pull away from him. He tasted like Black and Milds and purple cough syrup and the combination was enough to make me gag a little. I'd always hated it. "Let go! You will not run around fucking every girl you see and expect to crawl between my legs whenever you feel like it!" I said sternly. I wanted to badly to give in to my impulses and urges. He knew that just as well as I did.

"I'm going home, asshole." Turning my back to him to walk away was a huge mistake. He was able to hook his arm around my waist to spin me around to pin me between his body and the truck with my chest pressed against the hood. My brain must have left the building for the night. Any other time, I would have known better than to give him the opportunity to get the upper hand in this situation. "This is what you needed all along," he said with his lips next to my ear. His voice made my knees weak. The more I tried to wiggle to get away from him, the more I felt him grow against my ass and feeling him even if clothing was the only thing between us made me anxious. From an outsider perspective, this might have looked a little rapey, but we were simply feeding off of each other's pain and emotions.

He was about to move a lot quicker than I was and in an instant, my bare ass was exposed with him pressing his hand on the center of my back to keep my torso flat against the hood of the truck as he prepared to satisfy both of us. "My Angel can never stay mad at me," he mumbled. I felt him push inside me with a grunt. I honestly expected him to slide right in like we'd went more than a few rounds before getting to where we were now. "I should have been taking care of you," he said with a moan. He stretched my opening causing a little discomfort only for a second before he pushed himself all the way in and it fit like a glove. I couldn't hold on very long. A few strokes in and my body was already feeling weak. His grunts and my moans mixed with the sounds of the night was like music to my ears. When I took note of his thrusts getting sloppy after only a few short minutes, it dawned on me that it must have been a while for him. With one final thrust, he finished. I was too distracted by my thoughts to realize that I finished long before he did.

He pulled out and I was immediately disgusted by the warm liquid oozing out of me that was sure to soak through my leggings. It wasn't too bad since I was practically home, but I silently prayed to any and every god up above that the moisture and foreign substance didn't fuck up my pH and give me a raging case of BV or a yeast infection. I was desperate for a shower and I quickly situated my clothing before he could notice me walking away. I really wanted the distance between us so I couldn't fall for his after sex bullshit and to avoid him touching me again. I would be the one to walk away feeling like I had gotten what I wanted.

"Where the hell are you going?!" he called with his voice echoing through the empty street. "Home! I need a shower and some sleep! I'm gonna have a hangover in the morning!" I called back with a smirk. Fuck em' and forget em'. Brina's words replayed in my head and for the first time in a long time, I felt good, strong, and confident.

I left him standing next to his vehicle with a wounded ego. Not only had I given him a taste of his own medicine, but I got barely two minutes of sex out of him without giving him a chance to redeem himself. "Get the fuck back here!" he demanded like an angry child. "Fuck you! Tell your girlfriend I said hi!" I waved and then held up my middle finger as I jogged the rest of the way to my house. I felt like I was walking on sunshine and I was finally able to laugh again.

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