• Bre'A Belle

Chapter 14: Cockiness

In what seemed like a few short months, I had had my fill with more drama than I would have preferred. I was exhausted mentally to the point where my body wouldn't have been able to rest. This was all rookie shit and I was dumb enough to get involved with it. My norm was laying low with Ashe and Brina off of the Mount View radar, but I didn't keep consistent contact with them because I was so drained. I didn't feel like getting bitched at by either of them. I thought things were finally going to get better for me, but I quickly figured out that that was just a lit I used to help me sleep at night. A hard head makes a soft ass. If it hadn't been for Anton, I would have still been oblivious to the fact that Alex was passing his dick around town like it was a game of Hot Potato. I was pissed off about it at first, then I was a crybaby about it, and finally, all of those feelings vanished. I was left feeling filthy for letting him crawl between my legs when he was probably sleeping around the entire time.

He thought that I was just supposed to forgive him and come to accept the fact that his promiscuity was a part of who he was and who he would always be. When I refused, he decided to punish me. It nearly killed me to hear Tiana rambling on about it, only to shut her mouth when she noticed me within earshot. I was just amused by the fact that she thought that the knowledge of them fucking would upset me when I had gotten used to it. I never had to see her unless we were changing classes or if we were at breakfast or lunch. We never had words even though we wanted to.

"Quit daydreaming and move your ass! We have to go to the gym today!" Ashe barked as she dragged me along in a sea of our classmates. "Again? Ms. Goosens hit those fucking pumps over a week ago!" While all of the other staff members jumped our shit about her hitting the gas pumps in Maybeury, scolding us for gossiping, they didn't know that Mrs. Butt, Ms. Goosens' younger sister,, had already confirmed that she did actually hit the pump at Eller's and was still too shaken up to return to school.

Ashe and I rounded the corner to the entrance, taking note of how packed it was. More than likely, most of them were probably skipping. The wannabe thugs were huddled in one section of the bleachers making loud and obnoxious beats to freestyle to. A few more guys were standing at the edge of the gym floor, anxiously waiting for Coach Gravely to take attendance so they could start a game of basketball. The unbothered outcasts were blaring the music of My Chemical Romance on their phones. And then there were the females that walked around like they were Mount View's very own version of the Plastics from Mean Girls and the bitched from Heathers all rolled in together. Ashe and I didn't fit into any of the cliques, so things for the next hour were about to get really fucking interesting.





I was in no mood at all to deal with anyone or their bullshit. I just wanted to keep quiet while I waited for the time to pass so I could get this day over with and take my ass home. I'd earned a day of in-school suspension for telling Coach Gravely to fuck off. If you didn't get up to play basketball, you had the option to walk around the gym until the end of class. If you refused to do either of those things, you got a day of detention. Needless to say, I wasn't fucking walking and I had no problem to get the fuck out of my face and shut the fuck up talking to me.

"Chill the fuck out dude. You're scaring me," Ashe said as she stared at how tightly I was gripping the bleachers. I was to the point where I was digging my nails into the plastic. To say that I was tense and frustrated was an understatement. The only bleachers pulled out for us to sit on were the ones near the exit. It forced all of us to sit closer to one another more than we would have preferred. Ashe and I were sitting right above the pack of bitches that were huddled around Tiana who was enjoying every minute of being their Heather Chandler/Regina George. We could hear everything from their sickening laughter to the names and rumors they brought up in their conversations.

Wanting to be petty was what it would take to satisfy me. I burned a hole in the back of Tiana's head and I was ready to knock the bitch off of her high horse. I fucking dared her to turn around and look me in the eye with the same arrogance she flaunted in front of her friends. Confrontation in school was always something that I wanted to avoid just because my parents always had a lecture for me when it was all said and done. Then they'd have something that they could use to convince everyone that I was turning out to be the spawn of Satan. The way I felt now made me think that I should just say to hell with the little morals I had and tackle her ass down the bleachers if she opened her mouth to speak to me.

I found myself listening more carefully than before in search of a trigger. "You sure that it's not too early for a promise ring?" Fiona Edwards said, being the only rational one in the group. She was probably the only one in the bunch that I could tolerate, but that could have changed real fast. "What if you're not the only one?" she added. "He promised that I was. Why would he give me a damn ring if he wasn't serious about us?" Tiana was proving to be a lot dumber than I expected her to be. She fell for his empty promises immediately and the thought made me crack a smile.

"Besides, it was made loud and clear that he wasn't in a relationship with anyone anymore." The change in her tone revealed the fact that she knew that I was listening. I was willing to bet that she was going to start spouting off bullshit just to pull me out of character. "She couldn't satisfy him anyway." I couldn't hold my laughter back any longer and it came out in a yelp. This was just too fucking good to not laugh at. I felt like we were in a bad high school movie. Just like I'd hoped, she turned around and shot me an annoyed glance with an attitude. "I guess some people want to be bitches because their pussy is lame. That's not my fault and not my problem," she said with her back to me with a louder volume like she was attempting to throw shade. "Enjoy the tricks I taught him while they last, bitch," I snapped. I didn't even sound angry and that gave me the confidence to keep running my mouth until I had enough. Come on, give me a reason, I said to myself. "Like I said," she started, sounding like she was going to be aggressive. I could tell that she had rolled her eyes just by the fact that she added more bass to her voice.

I moved down a few spots to get closer to Tiana and Ashe moved as soon as I did. That was the unique quality with having Ashe as a friend. I loved Brina just as much as I loved Ashe, but Brina liked to do too much talking to calm a heated situation. With Ashe by my side, if I was swinging, so was she. Her fuse was a lot shorter than mine and she didn't care about consequences. She was the type of bitch that could wake up out of a dead sleep ready to go with no questions asked. She hated Tiana and her cocky attitude just as much as I did the moment I found out that she had stepped into my territory.

"You look like a fucking werewolf with those thick ass sideburns, bitch! He'll cancel your ass in a week! Don't fucking play with me!" I yelled. I was loud enough to grab the attention of everyone in the gym. I was so mad that I couldn't see straight and the only thing I could focus on was the ringing in my ears and the spots in my vision. I was getting ready to black out and attack her ass when she was literally saved by the bell. In horror, I flew down the bleachers, leaving Ashe behind and I darted out of the gym before anyone could get in my way and possibly get knocked the fuck out in the process.





My pride wouldn't let me admit it or believe it, but maybe she was right. I hadn't gotten laid in over a month and a half and walked around like it didn't bother me. I was the one between me and Alex that refused to give into my sexual urges just to prove a point. Now,, I was irritable with my fuse being shorter than it's ever been with little to no patience or tolerance for bullshit. And it became clear that my behaviors were the result of repressing feelings that were always so very natural to me. It was driving me fucking insane and I refused to let it out when I needed to and find a solution.

I was the kind of girl that craved the warm touch of someone that caught my attention and stood out to me. I craved their affection and their presence. Sometimes I liked to be bossy and control the journey that led to my own satisfaction every step of the way. But there were more than a few times that I craved their dominance and preferred a firm touch more than a gentle one. You never really appreciate a firm grip around your neck until you were left pouting because it's not happening on a regular basis. And whoever thought that it would be so damn satisfying to be spanked as you got older when spankings put the fear of God in you when you were a child. To some, it might have seemed sick and twisted, but anyone else would know exactly how I felt. For me, it was always the highlight of a much anticipated reunion after a shit ton of distance.

The kinky stuff always got a handle on my attitude and emotions when Alex would return after abandoning me for weeks at a time. I hated the way that he expected me to accept things the way they were, but being submissive felt too fucking good. The way that he could be firm and gentle drove me crazy on top of how good it felt to finally be able to trust him even if it was for just a few hours. But hell, you had no choice but to trust someone when you were blindfolded with your hands all tied up. I liked a little vanilla every now and then, but nothing took the edge off like the kinky stuff.

"Fuck my life," I mumbled to myself as I pressed my forehead against the locker with my eyes closed. I had to clear my head and I had to do it quickly because at this rate, I was going to need an ice cold shower to keep all of my blood from rushing to my crotch to cause the miserable ache that came with an unsatisfied appetite.

The final bell rang for us to get our asses to eighth period. I was in no hurry to shuffle down the hall to make it to class,, but with a pending date in in-school suspension with Mr. Bishop already hanging over my head, I didn't want to dig myself a deeper hole. When I finally opened my eyes, the hallway was mostly empty, leaving me and another body that was difficult to see because of the distance and the sun shining through the windows at the end of the hall.

As the other person walked closer, I would have bet my right titty that it was Dorian Farmer.

The sound of his footsteps was getting closer and I would have had to get a goddamn mastectomy.

He was one of the biggest flirts in the entire school and he was cocky and arrogant. He was tall and muscular with his weight distributed evenly. He was in the early process of moving from the fro that he walked around picking out all day and braids to dreads. Girls all around me were lusting after the dread heads because that was what was "In" right now. All because of Lil Wayne's ass.

Luckily, his height and body type would have landed him in the category of someone that I would swoon over, but he had a face that only a mother could love. Every time my dad saw him, he would be so serious when he said that he looked like a younger version of Craig Mack with a lighter complexion. With a shitty personality and a face like his, he wasn't someone that I would have wasted my time on. As much as I loved to do whatever I want behind my parents' back, I still wouldn't get too tied up in him. Daddy would have had a stroke and been disgusted, but my ass wouldn't have been able to stomach looking at his face the whole time. With my luck,, I'd pull a Jimi Hendrix. He was just a bad idea overall.

Every girl in the school picked up on some of the lame ass techniques that I was also able to see, but they still wouldn't have been able to resist him because of what he carried between his legs. Some of them acted like it was Bucket List worthy and the best thing since sliced bread. They would be proud to say that they lived to tell the tale. At first it was a rumor, but the entire school that knew him figured out real fast that it wasn't a rumor. He didn't even have to brag about his dick because every girl he ended up fucking and every guy he'd ever changed with in the locker rooms confirmed it. I had never laid eyes on it myself,, but it had to have been impressive if it had the homophobes in shock. I didn't think much of it at all. Big dick or not, he was still an asshole and he'd surely meet his match if he ever stepped to me.

"Aaaaaaangel!" he wailed as he got closer, not giving a shit about how loud he was being. He was far too obnoxious at the moment and I didn't know if my patience could get any thinner. He flashed his signature smile,, showing his perfectly straight teeth from years of wearing braces. He was a heavy smoker but there weren't even any stains on them. That smile was his way of casting out to grab the first girl that looked his way. They all just wanted to be able to find out more details about the legend. I'd seen it happen at least I hundred times with my own two eyes. I wasn't in the mood you his sit ridiculous pick up lines.

"Don't run away from me girl!" he called as he picked up his pace. I could have kicked myself in the ass, for not moving fast enough. With my back to him, I had no choice but to face him. "I almost didn't recognize you without your wings, "he said smoothly. The corny pick up line almost made me gag. I spun around on my heels enthusiastically, but my expression made it clear that I wasn't amused.

"Come on and give me a smile," he coaxed. The gears in my brain were turning like you wouldn't believe. My brain was also trying to prepare an idea or two and I kept my mouth shut until I felt bold enough to lay out what I had in mind.

"You've been walking around pouting for a while now," he said, inching closer to me. "How'd you notice?" I lied as I took a step toward him. The way he towered over me, let me know that he was about to go in for the kill, but little did he know, I was getting ready to give him a run you his money. "You're not like the other bitches in this school. You walk wound like you own this fucking place. Besides, we all know that nigga messed up." He leaned against the locker and smiled, showing every tooth he had. "You're in my business now?" I asked with a chuckle.

Tiana made sure that the whole school knew that Alex and I were off and she and Alex were on. I really didn't give a shit at this point, but her gloating was the reason why I was pissed off. Alex would be begging me to come back before we knew it and I could have been a dirty bitch and let the whole school know that she had to get down on her knees to get him in the first place.

"All I see is a beautiful girl that everyone can't stop talking about," he said in a softer tone. ":You deserve better is all I'm saying," he said with a shrug. I knew that whenever a girl wasn't as interested as he wanted them to be, he would start throwing out compliments. Every girl in the school loved compliments. All of them except for me and it was even more true when it came from someone that I could care less about.

He was really trying to win me over and failed to realize that I was blowing the dust off of my old ways and I was in the process of setting a trap of my own. "Alex scared off everyone but you apparently. He's got everybody acting like I'm ugly enough to wear a bag over my head." I dangled the bait perfectly. "Shit, with a body like yours, he'd have to kill me." I stepped closer to where there was only a few inches of space left between us. "Why's that?" I said, batting my eyelashes. This wasn't what I had planned initially but with the way my body was responding, I decided to keep it going. "You're little, so I'll give you full disclosure. I've always wanted to have your little ass crawling the walls, but you've always been too scared to even talk to me," he said with a smirk. I was barely able to contain my laughter. "I've never been scared of anything," I said in defense. "I mean, it's whatever you say. You've heard about me. You probably wouldn't be able to walk after I had you." His cockiness was shining bright. "Don't let my size fool you. It takes more than just a big boat to knock my waves around." He started chuckling. "It's okay to act tough. That's what they all do before the end up running from the dick." Shots had been fired and now I was ready to bring him down a few notches. "You can even test drive it. Don't be scared anymore." I took one final step and our chests were touching almost heaving against each other. "You talk a big game," I said seductively.

"It's not all talk. I can rock your world and knock your walls loose," he said continuing to challenge me. I had reached a point where my lust and love for challenges and games was about to completely consume me and take control. It was eating me alive inside. On the outside, I couldn't hold back and I found myself grabbing the growing bulge in his pants, which caused him to yelp. Neither of us were expecting that to happen, but it made the fire in my veins grow twice as hot. I stood on the tips of my toes and brought my lips to his ear, still holding onto him. "What's your safety word?" I whispered.





"OH MY GOD!" Dorian squealed, trying to hold himself together. He was on the verge of hyperventilating. His yelling only made me more vicious. "Who's scared now?!" I yelled back like I was possessed by a demon. My hand came down quickly and landed the hardest slap that I had in me against his cheek. I was completely in control and loving every single minute of it. I bounced on his dick, making sure I hit the perfect spot every time and occasionally grinding my hips. That made him moan even louder. He couldn't see me with the blindfold covering his eyes and he was shook from the very beginning. He couldn't touch me even though he begged for me to release his hands from the headboard where they were neatly bound with a few scarves that I had laying around.

"You really thought you could scare me?!" I bounced faster. "You like being tied up like a little bitch?!"I yelled as I snaked my hand around his neck and held it firmly to cut of just a little bit of his blood suppl. His moans were the fuel that I needed for me to keep going. Our bodies were sweaty and my legs were burning and any other time, I'd complain, but now definitely wasn't the time. A part of me didn't want to dominate him for my own satisfaction, but I was hoping that this would make him shut the fuck up in school for a while. Thinking about it just made me want to show off even more.

The volumes of his moans grew quieter and his ego was fighting to take center stage again. Unfortunately for him, his body didn't have enough energy to keep up. "You know that you've wanted this dick for a while now," he took a few deep breaths, "just like the others," he said before gasping. I had to pull out all the stops and big guns. I yanked the blindfold off and locked eyes with him. He was going to eat those words and I wanted to see the shock in his eyes. "You asked for a challenge," I said through clenched teeth, "Now you're going to get what you asked for," I finished. I was preparing to completely shatter his ego and claim my victory. With all of my strength, my walls clamped down on him as my grinding got faster and more aggressive.

His body began to twitch as his eyes rolled back and he bit down on his lip. He was trying to focus on delaying his orgasm and I could see it in his eyes. He was probably thinking that I was going to release him so he could take over. That would mean that he was going to win and I wasn't about to let that happen. "Cum for me," I demanded in a moan. I was beginning to struggle with delaying my own orgasm. It was true what they said. He was fucking huge. After I convinced myself into thinking that it was going to fit, sliding down on his shaft made my insides quiver almost immediately. I didn't want to be the one eating my words and not live up to what I had given him a heads up about. That would have just been shameful and embarrassing and I knew that that would give him something else to brag about.

By the way that he was huffing in an attempt to catch his breath with his toes curling, it was easy to determine that I had won and if I really wanted to, I could carry those bragging rights with me throughout school every single day.

I pulled on both scarves that kept his hands bound and continued to straddle him. I could see the sheen of sweat covering his body and it made me giggle. I couldn't help but admire my handiwork. I had proved that he really was no match for me. I had the advantage of letting my kinky side incapacitate him and I was confident that I was going to succeed the whole time, whether he was tied up or not. "Are you a fucking witch?" he huffed breathlessly. "Maybe in a past life," I shrugged with a smile on my face, "Why?" I asked, pretending to be clueless. His hands were cupping my ass, rubbing both cheeks in a circular motion while he was still tying to catch his breath. "Well, you kinda had a vice grip on my dick. I've never came so hard and been so scared in all my life!" The shock he expressed was only pumping my head up. I was going to have to accept the fact that I would never be able to let this be more than a one night stand.

I slid off of him, feeling his flaccid flesh exit my body, and I curled up next to him. "You challenged me, so I had to get my bang for my buck. Besides, you said that I could test drive it," I said with a wink. I glanced between his legs and took note of the fact that there wasn't a difference in his size whether it was soft or erect. I couldn't believe what had just happened, but the fire was still running rampant through my veins and I wanted more.

I slipped out of bed, still stark naked, and tipped to the bathroom. Obviously my parents were gone again. They would have lost their shit just because I was strolling through the house without a single stitch of clothing covering my body. I noticed a little soreness with my stride and it made me smile to myself. Now I was really impressed. The sensation turned me on even more and sent me into having flashbacks of the feeling of pure ecstasy I felt immediately upon being stretched out. It had been a while since I felt that way and my craving for him was becoming more intense.

I was standing in front of the sink when the door creaked open with Dorian slipping inside to join me. I kept my eyes focused on the mirror, pretending like he wasn't even there. He took a few steps and stopped directly behind me where I could feel his soft breaths on the nape of my neck. His body pressed against mine, dropping the hint that he wasn't finished with me yet. Both of my hands gripped the sides of the sink when a shiver rolled through my body with enough force to make me collapse if I didn't hang on to something.

Without saying a word, I shivered again when I felt his coarse fingertips drift over the skin of my torso. One hand firmly gripped my hip and he used the other to guide himself inside me. With a single push, I was full again. I couldn't even think of the right words to sum it all up, but I was opening that this night would never end.

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