• Bre'A Belle

Chapter 11: I.F.L.Y.

My head was pounding when I opened my eyes to the sun coming through my bedroom window. It didn't hit me right away that it was Tuesday until after realizing that the sun was shining over every house in the neighborhood. I sat up on the side of the bed and looked down to see that I was still in my school clothes from yesterday. "What the fuck did I do?" I said to myself. I had a headache from Hell, but I wasn't nauseous so i knew for a fact that I didn't get drunk last night. My heart sank when I remembered smoking up just about my entire stash and how pissed I was going to be later on because I was out.

When I grabbed my phone and unlocked the screed, I saw that it was well past noon. That meant that I slept through ten alarms and there was no point in going to school for three hours since I was going to be marked absent anyway.

The thought of falling asleep fully dressed was making my skin crawl and I immediately jumped up to strip them off before it made me even more uncomfortable. Trying to figure out what all happened yesterday evening and into the night was already driving me insane and I didn't need to add any fuel to my anxiety and discomfort. It wasn't like me to even get that bad to where I lost my memory. That had only ever happened the morning after my first cocaine high when I crashed incredibly hard only to wake up screaming like a lunatic.

I was wiggling my way out of my jeans when I heard my bed squeaking behind me. I brushed it off figuring that it was just settling from when I jumped to my feet.

"Now I remember why you've always had me wrapped around your finger," Alex said causing me to almost jump through the ceiling. I didn't even notice him laying next to me a few minutes ago and here I was, bent over while I was mostly naked. The whole scenario was odd. Sleeping like the dead in my day clothes was the absolute worst of it. I stood up straight, feeling sexy enough to turn around and tease him with a view of the front. "Why the hell did I ever think that I'd make it without you?" he said with a wicked grin. He licked his lips while watching me unhook my bra seductively. I pealed the straps off of my arms and exposed my chest, throwing the bra in the corner behind me. "My dick definitely didn't stand a chance," he said as he sat up completely. I stepped closer and he caught me looking down at my body when he grabbed my arm and pulled me back in bed on top of him.

I wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing and he was only in his boxers. The only thing separating our most intimate parts was the fairly thin blanket covering his waist. By the looks of it, it was definitely going to become much harder to focus and figure out what the hell happened last night. I could never concentrate when we were connected like this. The way his hands roamed over my naked body was bound to leave the blanket soaked. "How'd I get so fucking lucky?" he said in a tone that made my spine shiver. He slowly ran his hands up my thighs while I straddled him, moving up to my hips when he held them firmly to grind my hips into him the way he wanted. I felt a little disappointed when the stimulation stopped. It took everything in me not to whimper. His hands moved around to cup both ass cheeks and he playfully jiggled the little ass that I did have. Little booties mattered too.

I cracked a smile. He headed for my ribs and stomach before he continued his journey to grasp my boobs. My nipples hardened instantly and a cold chill gave me goosebumps. Apparently he'd caught on to how my body was responding. I closed my eyes and allowed my head to fall back. I released a long, relaxed sigh involuntarily.

"Tell me what happened last night. I wouldn't be this horny if we did something." He didn't stop what he was doing to to respond and I was beginning to wonder if it was possible for me to get off from nipple stimulation. "What if we did and you just want more?" he asked with a chuckle. With one hand still playing with my nipple that were even more sensitive than they were before, he put the other hand back on hip, guiding me to grind on him again. "I love you and I'm going to be good to you," he said sounding sexy as hell. "You're mine and I'll never let you go," he continued. It was clear that his guidance was putting pressure on the right spot and that was going to be my undoing.

"I'm going to love you and spoil you because Daddy's little girl deserve it." I was getting close. Super fucking close. With my eyes still closed, his hands stopped moving my hips. The loss of friction was quite painful. "I'm going to make sure you always get what you want." My sexual frustration was killing me, but before I could wrap my hands around his neck like I wanted to, his thumb connected with my clit with just enough pressure to make me yelp from the electrifying sensation.

"Isn't this what you want?" he asked, moving his thumb vigorously. I couldn't speak. All I could do was arch my back and fight the urge to scream. "Answer me," he said sternly as he applied more pressure. "Yes, Daddy," I said in a moan. I didn't feel dirty or disgusted like I felt a few nights ago when I called him that just to distract him. It just felt right and I couldn't avoid getting lost in the moment. It felt entirely too good when I said whatever popped into my head. My brain was being controlled by my feelings of lust and ecstasy. Thinking about all of it while experiencing it sent me higher with my stomach getting tighter both inside and out. He was feeding off of how my body was responding to his touch. My breathing was becoming more ragged as he became more aggressive.

"Goddamn, I love you so fucking much," he said through clenched teeth as I started grinding against him on my own. I moaned louder and moved my hips faster. "Who do you love?" he asked roughly. That familiar feeling of a tightly wound coil snuck up on me. I wasn't going to be able to hang on for much longer. "I love you!" I shouted when my body started to tremble. My release was the ultimate reward and it consumed me completely. I could only collapse on his chest and try to catch my breath.

He gently stroked my back. His vibe that he was giving off was rare because it was peaceful, patient and loving. I could have sworn that I was dreaming. I never thought he'd ever let me be this close to him and see him express these kind of feelings. He never said that he loved me unless he wanted me to participate in his dirty work. Thinking about it hurt like hell and made me even more grateful for the moment we were in now.

I laid with him in silence with my eyelids getting heavy. This was a first for us and it was one of the many moments that I thought I'd never share with him simply because he didn't love me as much as I loved him. I didn't want to move a single muscle because there was no way in hell that I was going to cut my time cuddling with him short.





The sun was fading behind the mountains when I opened my eyes again. Alex's arm was wrapped around me with my head resting on his chest. I didn't have to wonder if I was dreaming like I did before. Seeing how peaceful and content he looked while he slept was the best reality check that I've ever been hit with. I took note of the rise and fall of his bare chest and the warmth that radiated from his skin that I could feel on the inside and out. Watching him sleep probably made me a creep, but I didn't care. He always made it a point to avoid skin to skin contact that could have been confused with cuddling in the past. Now, here we were, wrapped in each others arms. He would stir and actually pull me a little closer every so often. I got lost in every breathtaking feature he had. I could feel my heart soften even more and I decided that there was no point in waking him up. I simply closed my eyes again with a small smile on my lips. His hand was moving slightly, searching for mine. I intertwined my fingers with his, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world and we continued to enjoy our moment of bliss.





"Did you miss me while you were gone?" My mind had betrayed me by going back to the last time he took off and I was forced to dig deep and remember how cold he'd been to me that night. A couple of days had passed with me skipping school to make up for lost time with him. They were spent remembering our good times, but with the good always comes with the bad. I was well aware that I couldn't let the good times make me blind to the bad.

"As soon as I got in the truck to leave Welch I started missing you. I don't know what the fuck hit me, but that shit hurt like a motherfucker," he said sounding serious. "Why didn't you just turn around and come back?" I didn't realize how foolish I sounded. He shot me a look that answered my question. Nothing could distract him when he was on a mission for money. I knew better. "You know that I couldn't just dropped what I needed to do and come back," he said as if he was scolding me. I felt his body tense up next to mine as he stared blankly at the ceiling. Something had made him angry. I felt his vibe change almost instantly. I was hoping that it wasn't something I said that pissed him off.

"But I did cut the trip short when I found out about your little boyfriend. I didn't believe it at first considering the source that filled me in." His eyebrows were pushed together with a scowl painted on his face. "You didn't drive all those miles just to check in on me. You could have just called," I said in a bubbly tone. "It wasn't that easy, baby. I never ignored you on purpose whenever I'd go out of town," he said with his face looking sadder than he did before.

"You've been mine since the day we met and everybody knows that. I hide my phone when I leave West Virginia to keep you safe. I've done a lot of shit and used you when I shouldn't have. A lot of niggas would love to do whatever they wanted to do to you just to get back at me. I have to make any and all associates think that you don't mean anything to me." His expression was now full of shame while I was blown away by all of this new information.

He was finally opening up to me and I could tell that he was being truthful. That made me even more curious and I wanted to dig deeper. "Were you fucking anyone else?" I asked, praying that he would give me a straight answer. "Do you want me to lie to you or do you want to get your feelings hurt?" The look he was giving me right now told me that curiosity was about to kill the cat. I knew the truth. I just wasn't ready to hear him say it or go into detail when things were going good at the moment. "I've never gone out of the way to hurt you and I'm not going to start now." His lips were pressed in a firm line and he continued to stare at the ceiling like he was lost in thought. I snuggled a little closer to him as reassurance that I trusted him.

"Everything is going to be fine. This really feels like a dream come true." I felt stupid. I felt like a small child that was getting excited over something that would have seemed insignificant from an outsiders point of view. He remained silent and I was beginning to feel embarrassed. "I know, but before we get the ball rolling with what we've got going on, I'm getting tested. Never know what kind of fleas I got after laying down with dogs," he said with a shrug. I definitely didn't expect that. I didn't expect any part of what was going on.

"I wasn't blowing smoke up your ass when I said that I was going to be good to you and for you. I'm going to act right for once. I want to take care of you," he said as he pulled me a little closer. "Speaking of which, where are your parents?" I had completely forgotten that they were going to be gone for the rest of the week. I figured that he would have noticed because of how calm and relaxed I was. "They won't be back until Monday. I planned on just enjoying some alone time before you showed up on my doorstep." I was nonchalant about it and he looked mortified.

"So they just packed up and dipped?" I nodded. It didn't really phase me whenever they would randomly go out of town and leave me to fend for myself. It actually allowed me to gain a little bit of independence throughout the years, so I didn't care at all. "And they just let you stay here alone?" he asked, raising his eyebrows. "Yep," I said with a small smile on my face. His eyes were bugging out of his head and I was trying my best not to laugh.

"Oh hell no," he said seriously as he gently pulled away from me and climbed out of the bed. I felt exposed and awkward with my tits just hanging out without him laying next to me. I used the blanket to cover myself. "What's wrong?" I asked with puppy dog eyes. Once again, I was worried that I had said or done the wrong thing to piss him off and now he was preparing to leave. My heart pounded painfully and I wasn't sure how I was going to respond to him tossing me to the side and just disappear on me like he did in the past. The suspense was killing me.

"You're not staying here alone. You're mine and I'd have to kill someone if I just left you here by yourself," he said with an arm full of my clothes. Now I was the one sitting there bug-eyed from shock. He continued to move around in my room like lightening as he gathered up more of my stuff. "Where's your suit case?" I pointed to the closet, unable to open my mouth and let the words flow out. I was totally stunned. I watched him pull a light pink sweat suit out of my dresser drawer and lay it neatly at the foot of my bed. He stood there with his hand stretched out, gesturing for me to grab it so he could pull me up on my feet. I did exactly what he wanted me to do.

He pulled my body against his and held me tight as he placed a small kiss just under my earlobe. "I love you," he said, holding onto me even tighter. He buried his face into my neck, "and I'll love you forever," he said happily. A tremendous wave of emotion washed over me and I couldn't fight the urge to wrap my arms around him and hug him just as tight as he was hugging me. I didn't know what any of this meant for our future. I just hoped that it would continue to blossom.

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